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[awf-ahys] [OFF ICE]

Two creative minds fused with a vision for innovation and passion for the greatest game on the planet, submit to the world of hockey, Aufeis Apparel, an unconventional and stylistic portrayal of the sports majesty in the form of artistic design & fashion wear. Aufeis, the technical translation for "ice on top", is a sheet-like mass of layered ice that forms from successive flows of ground water during freezing temperatures. Aufeis Hockey aspires to offer premium quality, superior class and creative vision and become the Eis (Ice) on top of the hockey apparel market.

Aufeis is the product of two childhood friends, seasoned players, skate-craftsmen, pro-shop junkies and their woven artistic visions. The team set out with intentions of instilling in the hockey community, individualistic and "quality-first" wearables with humble respect to the sport’s aesthetic attributes and intangible aura. Inspired by retrospective and forthcoming fashion shifts, Aufeis aims for the shelf to tally -- a unique and inventive tribute to all that is hockey. Born in the locker room, raised on the ice, crafted in the studio...Aufeis brings the game to the canvas with style to tell the tale of the hockey life.

Aufeis - First Line Design... apparel made for hockey players... by hockey players.






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